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Thankful Yogis Days 9-11 :)

I couldn’t get all the way into tripod with my webcam :(

But seriously, days like today just remind me why I love yoga so much.

I had such a great acro session today!!

Class was held in this beautiful garden yoga studio.  The walls are painted these vibrant colours, as is the floor, and the floor is surrounded by beautiful plants, a meditation corner, a nice little hammock, and in the back is a greenhouse of herbs, succulents, flowers, and the workplace for the owner of the space, who makes jewelry.  Then, outside is a permaculture garden that is so nice, and a chicken and duck coop.

It was just such a nice place to be, and there were only six of us, along with the little boy who lives there, and hung out with us and brought me chestnuts, home-made apple chips, and home-made apple bread.  With such a small group, we were able to do some really advanced moves and really build off of each other and do a lot.  

It’s so therapeutic, I feel so refreshed, revitalized, de-stressed.  I just feel good :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful day :)

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